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Absi Co is committed to designing and producing the best quality custom-made and personalized awards that exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, accuracy and value. We make sure we preserve our craftsmanship know-how while enabling state-of-the-art technology of design, production, and customer service.


We aim to make Absi Co the most developed and proficient awards manufacturer and designer in the world, offering its services through solid web existence and franchisee network which will provide time efficiency optimizing the process of choosing and buying awards.

Legal Form

Absi co is a limited liability company registered in Beirut, Lebanon in the special commercial record under number: 74134 C.R. on December 12, 1998.

Registered Trademarks

The Absi name, logo and signature are registered trademarks of Absi Co (Republic of Lebanon Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Reg. No. 145232)
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  • We work together as one team, in confidence, trust, cooperation, dedication and integrity.
  • We reward and promote employees based on no other consideration than their performance.
  • We value social, religious and political differences in our employees.
  • We firmly believe that our customers are and will always remain the most valuable asset of the Company.


  • We have a clear vision of where we are going, and an understanding of how to reach it.
  • We always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • We continuously search for better ways to do our work by increasing our efficiency and productivity, improving our processes, and learning from our successes and failures.


  • We act as effective citizens, who abide by the Lebanese law and contribute to the development of the country.
  • We respect our colleagues and our customers and treat them as we would like to be treated.