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Absi Nametags

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Emphasize your corporate culture and strengthen your employees' commitment to follow your culture by distributing lapel pins, name tags and key medals incorporating your company logo, slogan and other text to your employees.

Absi badges, lapel pins and key medals also serve as excellent items for promoting your institution or company in events such as expositions and seminars; they are very affordable in price. Your text and logos can easily be incorporated into the designs you choose. 

Absi Nametags

We also design and manufacture custom nametags for your staff. Unlike badges that are meant to be mass produced, each name tag is a unique piece containing a specific person's name. Companies whose employees wear name tags are perceived by the public as more friendly, helpful and professional - and employees themselves say their name badges help promote a sense of pride and improve customer care.


A variety of finishing options are available to choose from.


  • 24 K gold-plated.
  • Silver-plated, with or without antique patina.
  • Bronze patina.
  • Matt finish.
  • Brilliant finish.
  • Contrasted finish.


  • Can be minted from gold, silver, brass and other alloys.
  • Matt finish.
  • Brilliant finish.
  • Proof finish.


You can choose to color-fill the engraved areas of your pin, badge or name tag. Color-filling is done manually.

Hanging Method

Your item could be hung using a safety pin, a brooch pin or a magnet.