Absi Co is committed to designing and producing the best quality custom-made and personalized awards that exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, accuracy and value. We make sure we preserve our craftsmanship know-how while enabling state-of-the-art technology of design, production, and customer service. This is our mission statement.

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Why Us?

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Our company has an uncontested know-how that has been building up ever since it was established and is constantly being updated to adapt to new trends, this helps us meet our customer's requirements more accurately than any of our competitors. We design and manufacture the best quality recognitions and awards by capitalizing on our skilled designers and craftsmen and our state-of-the-art machinery and production facility. We create unique product designs that are done with an unparalleled level of craftsmanship, precision and high attention to detail.
  • Quality

    Being in the awards business for more than 5 decades make us experienced: on one side we understand better your requirements and identify better your needs, and on the other our production techniques and our craftsmanship are uncontested, both enable us to create the highest quality award perfect for your event.

  • Time

    You are guaranteed on-time delivery. Having the design and production done in-house combined with highly responsive in-house team assure you a faster production and higher quality products with better consistent finishing.

  • Peace of Mind

    We take pride in our ongoing relationships with our loyal customers and our high number of repeated customers. Have a look at our clients page and let our customers' names and type of events we have covered bring you peace of mind that the awards of your recognition events are in safe hands.

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Our Story

Absi Co’s industry roots date back to the early 20th century, when in 1929 the Absis were awarded a prize in the industrial exposition for the manufacture of an oil press. After a very successful business in 1950's as a solid agency of fridges and motor vehicles covering the middle east region; Mr. Mohammed Taufic Absi Sr. had to face a new life challenge: his own financial crisis, being an entrepreneur in nature he met the challenge by starting a new business, after several unsuccessful trials he tried to partially produce small medals utilizing space he made available in his own house and some tools available in his kitchen, in a short time with the help of his family members, Mr. Taufic the father of eight, succeeded in putting together a workshop to produce medals and later on in 1969 he founded a new establishment and operated it under the name "Mohammed Taufic Absi Est. - Absi Medals", by 1980 he developed his workshop into a fully equipped minting facility. During very hard times in a country shredded by many wars the founder succeeded into empowering his business with latest technology of his time while still maintaining a good level of craftsmanship.
In 1998, following the passing of its founder, the business had managed to overcome a major obstacle: the transfer of business to the second generation. The business line was operated and developed under the new name “Absi Co” by engineer and CEO Abdallah Absi. Ever since Absi Co has made strides in the production and design of a variety of custom made awards and recognition products fulfilling the needs of corporations, government concerns, sports leagues, schools, universities, businesses, societies, clubs and individuals.

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