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Absi Plaque Awards

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It takes state-of-the-art machinery combined with skillful craftsmanship to produce plaques similar to those that carry the Absi Co. signature. Absi unique approach to translate elaborate and detailed designs into engraved metal plaques will give your award a unique touch and a rich appearance that will make it stand out proud. Absi superior quality medals and special fittings can be mounted on your plaque to add to its enrichment.
In all fields related to your business, your organization has the chance to reward the best with Absi Plaque Awards, a testament to the achievements of those distinguished persons for the greater success of the company. Absi Plaques will endear your company to the achievers who have received such merits, furthering that cohesion leading your business into the future with well-established credentials.

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    View comprehensive explanation about recognition plaques in this YouTube video (Arabic Language): http://youtube.com/watch?v=WlugvrRJfQg

    Absi recognition personalized or custom-made plaques line of products include: Engraved Brass Award Plaques, Stainless Steel Plaque Awards, Gold-Plated Plaques, Silver-plated Plaques, Corporate Award Plaques and Personal Plaques. Related products: Absi Engraved Brass Certificates, Sign Plates, Personalized Brass or Stainless Steel Nameplates, Name tags and Labels. Absi Plaque Awards are used as tools for motivation, recognition and as incentives for employees. Absi co produces special custom-made plaques for your business. Abssi and Absy are misspellings of Absi.
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