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Absi Trophies

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Absi Trophy Awards are carefully designed and elaborately finished to guarantee aesthetic proportions, elegant style and luxury appearance. Absi Trophies are shaped into different sizes and forms to provide that aura of stateliness and finesse award winners should feel when walking across the stage and up to the podium to receive something they have worked hard to complete.
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    Absi Trophy Awards include personalized or custom-made trophies categorised as follows: Brass Trophies, Plexiglass or Acrylic Trophies, Crystal Trophies, Gold-plated or Silver-plated Trophy Awards, Recognition Trophies, Achievement Award Trophies, Corporate and Business Trophies. Absi trophies are awarded for motivation and recognition, used as incentives for employees and presented as mementos or gifts for prospects, customers, visitors or hosts. Abssi and Absy are misspellings of Absi.
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