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The Story of three generations

What do we do?

Absi Co. is a minting house of medals and a creator of recognition awards, supplying all kinds of custom-made medals, plaques, trophies and mementos, besides signs, nameplates, name tags and lapel pins.

Combining craftsmanship and technology made us distinguished in producing unique medals and awards that exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, accuracy, and value.

We are here to honor achievers and celebrate success.

What makes us different?


Having the design and production done in-house combined with a highly responsive team assures you faster production and higher quality products. We guarantee you on-time delivery.


Being in the awards business for over 5 decades makes us understand your requirements and identify your needs better. We will create the ideal medal or award for your occasion.

Craftsmanship and Technology

We capitalize on our skilled designers, craftsmen, and our state-of-the-art machinery to create for you unique products that are done with an unparalleled level of precision and high attention to detail.

Satisfied Customers

We take pride in our ongoing relationships with our loyal customers and our high number of repeat customers. If they are satisfied, so will you. Have a look at Our Clients' page and their Testimonials.

Have your awards and medals handled by Absi Co and get peace of mind.

Mission and Vision


To motivate the world through being a worldwide hub for motivators.


Absi Co is committed to design and produce the best quality custom-made and ready-made medals and recognition awards that serve as beacons to elevate the human spirit. Offering our services through a solid web presence, we empower both retailers and customers with revamped tools to create and acquire medals and recognition awards ideal for their needs.

Legal Form

Legal Form

Absi Co. is a limited liability company registered in Beirut, Lebanon under the commercial record number: 74134 C.R. on December 12, 1998. The company is the successor to "Mohammed Taufick Absi Est." that was registered on January 2, 1969, in the commercial record of Beirut, Lebanon.

Registered Trademarks

The Absi name, logo, and signature are registered trademarks of Absi Co (Republic of Lebanon Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Reg. No. 145232)

To learn more about our logo, have a look at the Absi Co Logo page.

Member of

Code of Business Ethics


  • We work together as one team, in confidence, trust, cooperation, dedication and integrity.

  • We reward and promote employees based on no other consideration than their performance.

  • We value social, religious and political differences in our employees.

  • We firmly believe that our customers are and will always remain the most valuable asset of the Company.


  • We have a clear vision of where we are going, and an understanding of how to reach it.

  • We always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.

  • We continuously search for better ways to do our work by increasing our efficiency and productivity, improving our processes, and learning from our successes and failures.


  • We act as effective citizens, who abide by the Lebanese law and contribute to the development of the country.

  • We respect our colleagues and our customers and treat them as we would like to be treated.

The Story of Three Generations


The Absi's industrial roots date back to the early 20th century, when in 1929 Mr. Ahmad Absi, the great-grandfather of Mr. Mohammad Abdallah Absi, the current Business and Manufacturing Manager, was awarded the first prize for manufacturing an oil press in the industrial exposition organized by the French mandated government.

Beginnings, Founding and Developing

You can read this section in the related bio of the founding father Mr. Mohammed Taufic Absi available in his related page.

Second generation

In 1998, following the passing of its founder, the business had to overcome a major challenge: passing the business to the second generation. Family members appointed Engineer Abdallah M. Taufic Absi to manage and direct the business. He operated and developed the business under the new name “Absi Co”. The new manager faced several challenges: he instituted the recently created company, administered the troublesome transition phase of passing the business to the second generation, formulated rules and procedures to control and optimize the workflow, and engineered a customized computer system to orchestrate the entire business. Ever since, Absi Co has made strides in the production and design of a variety of custom-made awards and recognition products fulfilling the needs of corporations, government concerns, leagues, schools, universities, societies, clubs, and individuals.

Third generation

In 2013, Mr. Mohammad Abdallah Absi joined Absi Co. after leaving his job as a business developer at a mega-size company in Saudi Arabia to pursue the legacy of the Absi family. His enrollment marks the beginning of passing the business to the third generation. During the years that followed, both the father and his son had to meet the challenge of keeping the company operating amid severe political and economic crises.

The saga continues

The quest for the Museum of Medals began in 2018.

Absi Co excels in e-commerce and digital marketing in 2020.

Mohammed Taufic Ahmad Absi

Abdallah Mohammed Taufic Absi

Mohammad Abdallah Absi

The Absi Co Logo

The Absi Co. logo represents a bronze medal with an embossed impression.

The inside centered shape represents a refined shape of the last letter of the Arabic alphabet, the “Ya” or the “Omega”. The unique shape of the character is extracted from our signature originated in the 1950s, both the unique shape of the letter and the signature are registered trademarks of Absi Co. We use them as privy marks to identify our products.

The letter shape is embossed on a circular bronze disc. The circle is perfectly symmetrical, balanced, and without beginning or end. The bronze disk is solid and smooth.

The letter's impression symbolizes our history. The solid bronze circular disc reflects our mission statement. The logo confirms our vision.

© 2017-2021 Absi Co. all rights reserved. The Absi name, logo and signature are registered trademarks of Absi Co (Republic of Lebanon Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Reg. No. 145232)

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