About Key Medals

Double-sided Key Medals As Promotional Items

Double-sided Key Medals are a simple, yet highly effective way to put your company name and logo in front of a targeted audience for a very long time. These medals usually contain a company name and logo, contact information, company slogan or message. They serve as excellent promotional items for your company or event and combine luxury, durability and affordable price.

You can have your designs on both sides of the medal, but better yet, you can choose an impression from our large portfolio of elaborate and well designed base-relief collection of medal coins and have your own logo and message on the other side of the medal.


Specifications for medal coins that are used for key medals are found in "About Medal Coins" page.

Key Ring and Chain

When medal coins are ordered as key medals an assorted key ring and chain are included.

Key Medal Case

A Key medal case can be ordered to present your key medal, the case is 20x50x140 mm.

Key Medals Sizes and Weights

Available sizes of our standard key medals (weights include key ring, chain and box):

mm gm

Size A 40 78

Size B 35 71

Size C 30 64

All dimensions and weights are approximate.


A key fob or key medal is a generally decorative and at times useful item many people often carry with their keys, on a ring or a chain, for:

    • Ease of tactile identification

    • Provide a better grip

    • To make a personal statement.

Key fobs are also known as a "Key Ring" or "Key Chain" in colloquial usage.

Key Chain

A keychain or key chain is a small chain, usually made from metal, that connects a medal to a keyring. The length of a keychain allows an item to be used more easily than if connected directly to a keyring.

Key Ring

A keyring is made to hold keys and is usually made of metal. Keyrings are usually connected to keychains.

A Key Ring and Chain

A Key Medal Case

A plastic case can be ordered to present your key medal, the case is 20x50x140 mm