About Medal Coins

Why a Medal Coin?

Medal coins can be presented as:

    1. A collectible item. (in an air tight crystal-clear coin box).

    2. A souvenir item.

    3. A key Medal. (with a key holder and a chain, presented in a plastic case).

    4. When mounted on an adapter disk a medal coin can be presented as a desktop medal with or without a personalized plate, (presented in a box and a stander).

    5. A luxury gift if ordered to be minted from silver or gold.

Personalized Medal Coins

Medal coins can be personalized by having your logo, name and / or message engraved, etched, printed or minted on the backside.

Double-sided Medal Coins As Promotional Items

Choose an impression from our large portfolio of elaborate and well designed base-relief collection of medal coins and have your own logo and message on the other side of the medal.

Double-sided Medal Coins are a simple, yet highly effective way to put your company name and logo in front of a targeted audience for a very long time. These medals usually contain a company name and logo, contact information, company slogan or message. They serve as excellent promotional items for your company or event and combine luxury, durability and affordable price.

Medal Coins Combined With Other Products

Impressions on coin medals can also be used to produce mounts for personalized paperweights, letter openers and other desk accessories items.

Specifications & Options

Standard medal coins have the following specifications and options:

Medal Coins As Key Medals

👉 For using medal coins as key medals see the "About Key Medals" page.