Magnificent Award Plaques

Honoring Those Who Showcase Excellence

Magnificent Award Plaques feature creative designs tailored for your recognition and appreciation needs. They are characterized by layers of superimposed plates, which are cut from brass, stainless steel and/or acrylic, with different surface finishing according to the model you select. We use precise etching and laser engraving to personalize each component with your logo and text. The plaque is mounted on a velvet-covered wooden display stand and presented in a luxury display box. Listed prices include personalization.

"Thank You" Award Plaque


"Crest" Award Plaque


"Promotion" Award Plaque


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Luxury Plaques


Magnificent Award Plaques are composed of superimposed plates of different material. The plaque is personalized by etching or engraving your design elements on different components. It is presented in a luxury box.


Magnificent Award Plaques are cut from brass, stainless steel and/or acrylic, with different surface finishing according to the model you select.


Plaque awards are mostly rectangular, but can be cut in any shape.


Three sizes are available, their box dimensions are as follows:

  • Size A: 260 x 310 mm

  • Size B: 210 x 260 mm

  • Size C: 180 x 230 mm

Apply a 30 mm inside-offset to get the rectangular plate size.

Dimensions are approximate.

From drawing papers to metal plates

Our plaques are made through etching your design onto brass or stainless steel sheets in a process that offers very precise transfer. A black and white drawing of your design is produced. Your design elements or black areas of your drawing are etched out from the plate surface producing recessed areas on the plate (these can be color-filled later) and leaving white areas of your drawing as flat. The outcome is an etched plaque with the most accurate match of your design, in which every minute detail of your design is etched.

Finishing types

The plaque surface can be finished in different ways, each offering special aesthetic characteristics.

Lacquer is applied

Plaques receive a clear protective coating.

Presentation Box

The plaque is mounted on a wooden stand covered with velvet. It is treasured in a luxury wooden box with an interior covered with the same velvet color. Available colors for the velvet are dark blue, dark red, or dark green. The color of the wood frame of the box is vengé (very dark brown).

👉 Luxury Box For Plaques

Uniquely customized by your artwork

Your award can be personalized with your text, logo and other graphics elements, these will be called collectively artwork. Don't think in terms of number of characters and so, there are no character limits on displayable messages.

To create a personalized design for your plaque, view different plaque photos. You can also check different templates and personalize it with your logo and text or send your own layout and design.

👉 Plaque Templates

👉 Read more about personalizing your plaque award.

Model Names

Strings, Patriotic, Motherboard, Haze, Flames, Waves, Crest, Corners, Seas, Horizons, Connections, Rulers, Twins, Cartier, Orient, Deluxe, Mihrab, Aladdin, Cedar

Best awarded as

Absi Plaque Awards are awarded for motivation and recognition, they are used as incentives for employees or presented as mementos for prospects, customers, visitors or hosts.

  • Achievement Awards

  • Recognition Awards

  • Annual Awards

  • Retirement Award

  • Co-Worker Gifts

  • Milestones Awards

  • Recognition Awards

  • Years of Service Awards

  • Corporate Awards

  • Contribution Awards

  • Sales Awards

  • Conference Awards

  • Teamwork Awards

  • Employee Engagement & Recognition

  • Employee Appreciation Gifts

  • Employee Awards & Trophies

  • Membership Award

  • Memorial Award

  • Certificate