Floating Awards

Eye-Catching and Brain-Engaging Trophies

Through a postmodern style reflecting originality, the Floating Awards are made from a transparent thick acrylic plaque floating over another acrylic plate decorated with metallic elements. The collection is distinguished by abstract dynamic designs. Exceptionally, these models are self-supported, they don't require a base to stand on.







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Floating Trophies


Shapes and Design

Dynamic and modern. Exceptionally, the Floating trophies are self-supported, they don't require a base to stand on. Threaded brass cap nuts hold the award components together using screws inserted through the piece at final construction. There are also brass spacers for added depth and dimension for floating and layered elements.

Available in a variety of shapes and color combinations.


Made from overlaid acrylic plates (Plexiglass) and decorated with metallic elements.


Award's height is between 20 and 24 cm.

Model Names

Artemis, Poseidon, Eros, Hermes, Vulcan, Zeus, Hypnos, Cornus, Delta, Silhouette

Features & options

Standard features

The following standard features are offered completely free with your award. You can select from different available options to better personalize your award.

  • Pick one of two technologies to personalize your award: laser engraving or color-printing.

  • Utilize manual color-filling of engraved artwork.

  • Choose the gift box color.

Extra Features

To fulfill further requirements, we are offering extra features that you can apply to build awards better customized to match your branding or ideas. The following extra features are available for an extra charge.

  • Combine laser engraving and color-printing.

  • Specify the acrylic plate color of your award.

  • Add a custom-made or ready-made medal.

  • Upgrade to a luxury presentation box to enrich your presentation.

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Best awarded as

  • Recognition Awards

  • Corporate Awards

  • Years of Service Awards

  • Contribution Awards

  • Sales Awards

  • Conference Awards

  • Teamwork Awards