Aesthetic Options For Acrylic Awards

Use the following options to build awards better customized to match your branding and ideas. We offer many features for free with your purchase, but some require an extra charge. Refer to the Options and Features section of your product.

Adding your artwork to your award

Laser engraving

Your artwork can be laser engraved on your award.

Engraved areas on a clear acrylic surface appear milky white or frosted. However, they can be color-filled.

Our acrylic plates are back-engraved, this makes the plate's front surface polished and easier to clean.

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Engraved artwork has a milky white appearance


Engraved artwork on acrylic sheets appears milky white or frosted however it can be manually color-filled.

Applying color-filling on your award can be a great way to increase the visibility of the engraved artwork and may add a nice finishing touch to almost any engraved item.

Manual color-filling can be applied to highlight parts of your engraved message.

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An alternative to Laser engraving, your artwork can be color-printed on your award.

Digital printers can be used to print any design in full colors on the award surface. This opens an infinite number of possibilities for creative designs that can be printed on a display trophy reflecting your brand and the message you want to pass.

The full-color print is on the undersurface of the clear acrylic plate, which creates a dimensional look with prismatic refraction as the colors radiate and reflect through the piece. The designs will not scratch off or fade.

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Combine printing and engraving

Combining digital printing and laser engraving produce great dramatic effects that enable us to make awards better customized to match your branding or ideas. Practically it makes it possible to engrave a frosted design on any printed pattern or colored acrylic plate.

The cost of laser engraving or digital printing an award is usually included in the listed price, however applying them on the same award will require an extra charge.

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Colored acrylic

You can order your acrylic award to be colored according to your likes. Notice that you can choose to color specific regions of the plate.

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Base color

Choose the color of your acrylic award's base (subject to availability), most common being:

  • Clear

  • Black

  • Dark Blue

Black acrylic may add to the prominence of the award.

You can customize the base of your trophy

Base type

Choose the type of your acrylic award's base:

    • Simple base - 1 level

    • Tiered - 2 levels

    • Tiered - 3 levels

A tiered base may add to the prominence of the award and increase its height.

You can customize the base of your trophy

Glue-Less assembly

Some models are distinguished by a matching set of metallic base-top and base-to-body clip, resulting in a glue-less assembly that frees the award from faulty adhesion and gives it a stronger hold and better aesthetics.

Available in two finishing:

    • Gold

    • Silver

Base-top and clip available in two different platings

Add a medal

Put your logo in-focus by adding a custom-made luxury medal produced to fit or choose any medal from our large collection of ready-made medals.

Ready-made thematic medals transform your chosen award into a thematic trophy. You can choose any medal from our large collection of ready-made medals and add it to your trophy. For example, adding a basketball medal transforms your chosen award into a basketball trophy.

Custom-made luxury medal can be added to highlight your logo

Gift box

The award is presented in a nice gift box. You can choose the color of your gift box from a wide range of paper colors (subject to availability). Favorable colors are:

    • Dark Blue

    • Olive Green

    • Brick

    • Gold-brown

Our Classic acrylic trophies are packed in a standard gift box

Luxury box

Luxury boxes are available as a replacement to our standard gift box. Get a richer presentation by upgrading to a luxury box.

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Custom Shapes

If personalized acrylic awards don't fulfill your requirements, you may want to consider our Custom Shapes Awards