Custom Creative Awards

Unique Works Of Art Carrying Your "Thank You"

Our skilled craftsmen, creative designers and modern technology enabled us to combine acrylic, metal, and color into multi-layered custom-made distinguished and unique awards aimed to: convey your appreciation, communicate your values, reflect the unique character of your organization, stand out in the mind of the recipient and leave everyone seeing it blown away.

If you can visualize it, we can create it

Because everything from the shape and color of the award to the size and message including the presentation box can be customized, unleash your creativity and visualize your ideal cutom-made award.

Since our awards are made in our facilities and hand-assembled by our skilled production staff, this will leave no space for surprises and will guarantee that your awards will be produced according to your requirements: priced under your budget limit, made to your specifications, and delivered before your in-hands date.

Tombstone Logo

Cut-to-shape logo covered with mirror-gold layer

Horse Unicorn

Cut-to-shape logo award

Colored Logo

Cut-to-shape colored logo and a tombstone


Multiple media award

Before you order a cutom-made award

Take a note that your custom-made trophies or awards have to be produced before a specific time, in a specific quantity without exceeding your budget limit. Proper consideration of these elements will help you make better decision regarding your custom-made award form.


Your budget and quantity set the price you want to pay per award. Accordingly they both set a constraint on the the size and media of your award.

Event Date

Since your awards must be delivered on your in-hands date, this may limit your choice of the type of award you want to present.


The production time is directly proportional to your quantity. Since both your quantity and your in-hands date are determined, you have to choose your award accordingly.

Basics of custom-made acrylic awards

Custom-made awards are assembled from separate parts.

Every part can be:

  • Cut-to shape.

  • In a specified color.

  • Engraved with a message or graphics.

  • Color-filled.

  • Printed in full color.

  • Decorated with another layer: transparent, opaque or metallic.

  • Accented by accessories.

The award components are held together using a compounding material for a secure and seamless hold, or using screws inserted through different pieces (similar to Floating Awards), or using Glue-Less Assembly (similar to Oracle Awards).

Metal and thin colored acrylic layers layers are usually mounted on black acrylic for thickness and structural integrity.

For more information read Aesthetic Options For Acrylic Awards 📑

👉 Remark: The more parts you put into your award the longer time it takes to be produced and the more it will cost you.

Letters Logo

Merged Logo


Tips to help you start

You can easily get an impressive custom-made awards or trophies made of acrylic and metal.

Use your logo

Your logo says a lot about who you are as an organization. Use your logo to turn your concept into a unique award. Shape your acrylic award around the contours of the silhouette of your logo.

Utilize your branding colors

Utilize our options abound in brilliant colors to match your branding colors.

Use your branding typeface

Use your branding typeface in the artwork design of your award.

Use your organization name

You may consider to put the name of your organization in-focus.

Consider putting the occasion in focus

Is there a logo for the occasion, if not you can use a symbol related to the occasion.

Browse our website

In order to better conceptualize your award, it is recommended to have a clear idea of what can be produced. For that we recommend that you browse our website and view different photo albums of acrylic awards, that will help you to visualize your award better.

Visit our social media pages

Contact us, call us or better yet visit our showroom

"Contact Us" form and contact details are found in the "Contact Us" page.

Shiny Shape

Outline Shape


Light and Shape

Conceptualize your award

Conceptualize your award by considering the following two elements:

  • The subject of the award, i.e. what do you want to say through your award.

  • The form of the award, i.e. the style through which you want to say the award's subject.

Sync your ideas with the the information mentioned in the previous sections on this page.


If a custom-award doesn't suit your current preference, you can always opt for an award from our our huge array of personalized models, you may choose from more than 60 models that we have carefully designed to fit your different requirements. All our awards can be personalized by your logo, message and artwork, and can be customized further by opting for different options available to help you tune your personalized awards to match better your branding or ideas.

You may be as well interested in our other recognition products like plaques and medals.

No matter who or what you are commemorating, our awards will bring a higher level of distinction and prestige to your event. Service and quality that will exceed your expectations.

Often it is not the cost that is important, but the ingenuity of the design.

Please don't hesitate to contact us. Absi Co is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create an ideal product for your special occasion.