Personalizing Your Award

Adding your artwork to your award

Your award can be personalized with your text, logo and other graphics elements, these will be called collectively artwork.

Don't think in terms of number of characters and so, there are no character limits on displayable messages.

Our free services include:

  • Laying out your artwork.

  • Setup.

  • Proofing. We will provide you with up to 3 art proofs for no additional charge.

  • Etching, Laser Engraving or Color-printing.

You should provide us with your logo, text and other graphic elements saved as a vector format digital file.

You are responsible for submitting engraving information clearly, accurately and spelt correctly.

Before you approve an art proof you are responsible to make sure that it exactly matches what you want.

After your approval of the art proof you will be responsible for any mistake in your order due to an error in the art proof. In such a case you will be responsible for all replacements necessary to get your order right.

👉 View Artwork Submission Guidelines here 📄

What to Say on an Appreciation Award?

Composition of an award

Appreciation awards can be an effective way to say "Thank You" and show someone that you've noticed their hard work. This can be accomplished with the help of a few thoughtful words on an appreciation award. Your choice of words you use to compose your message reflects the award atmosphere.

Some features should always appear on awards such as the recipients name and the date the award is given, but others, such as the message, are left up to interpretation depending on the award.

If you follow some basics listed below, the task of composing a concise and meaningful message is not all that hard.

The W’s of an award

The W’s of an award are: What, Who, Why, When, and Where. They are an easy formula that will help you to remember what elements to include in an award composition.

Your award content can be divided into four sections:

    1. What is the award about or who is presenting the award? (The Award Title).

    2. Who is receiving the award? (The Award Recipient’s Name).

    3. Why is the award recipient is awarded? (The Award Message).

    4. When and Where is the award presented? (The signature).

👉 Read more and see examples 📄

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