Medal Raiser Awards

Absi Medal Raisers are made from a custom-made medal mounted on a highly finished brass cylinder or a raiser and decorated with a suitable decoration. Medals are 24k gold-plated. All pieces are shaped and etched to embody your message.


Absi Medals' Raisers offer an appealing look and distinguished by a small footprint on the beholder's desk; they are made from a custom-made medal framed in a brass disk mounted on a crafted brass raiser standing on a wooden or acrylic base and decorated with a custom-etched plate embodying your message. All parts are finished to guarantee high quality finishing.


  • Medals are 50 or 60 mm in diameter framed in 60 or 70 mm disks respectively.

  • Medals are custom-etched from brass sheets

  • Medal and medal's frame may have a diamond-cut border

  • Medals are real gold-plated, silver-plated or patinated with bronze.

  • A special gold-plated decoration with a 25 mm custom-made medalet is added when applicable.

  • Custom etched brass nameplate to personalize every award can be added.

  • Lathed brass raisers with smooth brilliant finishing are used as a pole to raise and hold the medal.

  • A Piano-black acrylic or wooden base is used.

  • Medals' raisers are presented in a carton gift box or luxury velvet box.

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