Majestic Awards

Harmonizing Customized Medals, Gold-Plated Plaques And Acrylic Plates

The Majestic Award Trophies are made from custom etched-in-relief (Highlighted) gold-plated brass plate(s) crafted to give the surface very fine matte background contrasted with polished embossed text and artwork, decorated with high quality gold plated medal, assembled with two cut-to-shape acrylic plates standing in contrasting colors: crystal-clear and piano-black; carrying the etched gold-plated brass plate and the medal and emphasizing the trophy shape.

Any text and drawing can also be laser engraved on the acrylic body to emphasize further the message that the trophy carries.

Care is placed in every stage of production in order to assure product finishing of the highest applicable standards.

The Majestic Award Trophies are presented in a luxury display box.







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Majestic Trophies


Shapes and Design


  • An ensemble of an etched gold-plated brass plaque, custom-made medals and laser-engraved acrylic plates are combined in harmony to form this trophy that is presented in a luxury display box.

  • Acrylic plates are laser engraved and/or printed.

  • Brass plaque is etched in a highlighted format characterized by a matte background etched in recess and beautifully semi polished raised areas (your text and graphics).

  • The brass plaque is gold-plated as a whole.


  • Size A: Height: 29 cm, Width: 20 cm, base: 20 x 7 x 3.6 cm

  • Size B: Height: 25.5 cm, Width: 18.5 cm, base: 18.5 x 7 x 3.6 cm

  • Black double decked beveled base

  • Acrylic plates thickness: 15 or 10 mm

  • Brass plaque thickness: 1 mm

All measurements are approximate and subject to modifications.

Model Names

Achievement, Success, Wings, Climber, Victory, Stela, Outstanding, Sublimity, Fluent, Rosetta, Eye, Elite


All the following features are offered completely free with your Majestic Award. You can select from different available options to better personalize your award.

Some features can't be applied together.

  • Choose one of two technologies to personalize your award: laser engraving or color-printing.

  • Pick the award's base color.

  • Select between gold or silver for the metallic Glue-less assembly, the device that distinguish this collection from the rest.

  • Utilize manual color-filling of engraved artwork.

  • Combine laser engraving and color-printing.

  • Specify the acrylic plate color of your award.

  • Add a custom-made or ready-made medal.

  • Select the color of your luxury presentation box.

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Best awarded as

    • Appreciation Awards

    • Achievement Awards

    • Recognition Awards

    • Retirement Gifts

    • Executive Gifts